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already2late's Journal

The Yellow Wallpaper
2 May 1978
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Former counter-culture revolutionary, self-depricating egomaniac, thirteen year old alcoholic, writer of bad fiction, satirist, high school lit mag editor, accidental environmentalist, champion of lost causes, sell- out, and occasional iconolcast who should probably get out more. I am not a particularly bad person, nor am I all that good. I am good at making mix tapes and spaghetti carbonara. I am incapable of long division. I have a fantastic imagination, and therefore am rarely bored. I am a walking encyclopedia of useless trivia, and my shoes killed the radio star. I wear my sunglasses at night, and I still believe that Parker Lewis can't lose. I am the type of person who buys books for their shape. I do not believe in inhibitions, expectations or regrets. I am probably trouble. I'm pretty when you're drunk. I might be the girl your parents warned you about.
board games, drinking beer in laundromats, food, irreverent political activism, pop culture, reading, rhetoric, writing